Ted Piltzecker, vibraphonist and composer, is a dynamic andengaging performer. He has played jazz in New York area concertsand clubs with guitarists Gene Burtoncini, Randy Johnson, Jack Wilkins, and Vic Juris; bassists Andy McKee, Harvie S. and ToddCoolman; drummers Lewis Nash Clarence Penn, and John Riley; pianists James Williams, John Hicks, Bill Charlap, and Harold Danko; trumpeters Ryan Kisor, and Jon Faddis, and with saxophonists Chris Potter, Ralph LaLama, and Steve Wilson.He appears as a featuredsoloist andcomposer in percussion festivals around the world   – Hannover’s Deutsches Percussion Symposium, London’s Percussive Arts Society (UK), Brazils Ritmos da Terra, Mexico’s El Festival de Monterrey, Peru’s Festival Internacional de Vibráfono y Marimba, Australia’s Percussive Arts Society Festival, Argentina’s Festival in La Patagonia and more. He has been a soloist with the Tucson Symphony, the Delaware Symphony, the San Diego Symphony, and the Regina Symphony orchestras.

Ted has been a headliner at the esteemed UMO Jazz Orchestra in Helsinki as a composer and soloist, and has toured extensively in German clubs and concert halls. With a deep interest in musical traditions other than his own, he has performed with the Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble of Tokyo, classical organist Dorothy Papadakos, Bulgarian gadulka player Nikolay Kolev, Argentinian bandonéonist Hector Del Curto, Nepalese tabla player Jagannath Dhaugoda, and Brazilian percussionist Vinicius Barros.

In Brazil with the George Shearing Quintet
Jim Pugh, Todd Coolman, Joh Faddis, Javon Jackson and others – New York
Luis Caldana, Noel Savón Savier, Juanjo Guillem, Monterrey, Mexico
Directing the Aspen Jazz Ensemble with guest Slide Hampton
at Notorius in Buenos Aires with Andres Boiarsky, Fernando Martinez and Mauricio Dawid
TP Nepalese Adventure Ensemble with Mariano Abello
at Thelonius in Buenos Aires with Carlos Michelini, Marici Dawid and Fernando Martinez
with John Wooton in Neuquen, Argentina
Adelaide, Australia at the Wheatcheif
Tatuí Encontro Internacional de Percussão – Brazil
KCET-TV Los Angeles – Jack Wilkins, Andy Simpkins, Ted Moore
Ólafur Jansson, Guomundor Pétursson, Gunnar Hrafnsson, and Scott McLemore – Reykjavik, Iceland
Pierre Huarniz, Hugo Alcazar, and Charlie Betancourt in Lima, Peru
“James Street” in Pittsburg with Roger Humphries, Dwayne Dolphin, and Lou Stellute
Onur Puza, Korhan Ogan, Anil Deniz – Izmir, Turkey
Magnus Bakken, Steinar Raknes and Erik Nylander – Django’s in Oslo, Norway
Vic Juris, Clarence Penn, and Andy McKee – Tappan, NY
Praça da Liberdase, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Performing an original tango with bandoneón master Ricardo Fiorio in Argentina
Harshit Misra, Pranai Gurung, (not pictured, drummer Sava Boyadzhlev) – Delhi, India
Percussão – Tatuí, Brazil
Patan Museum – Kathmandu, Nepal
Festival Internacional de Vibráfono y Marimba – Lima- Perú
Patagonia with Mauricio Costanzo
Menge Concert Hall – Toggi Jónsson – Reykjavik, Iceland
Clapping our way through “Brindica” with Tupac Percussion