In Your Quiet Place – Solo Vibraphone

There Is No Greater Love  – Quartet with Jonathan Katz, Daki Yasukagaw, and Dean Macomber

Afro Blue“Five For One” with Chris Hardy, Shoko Araya, Hiroshi Yoshino, and Masaru Shimizu

Precarious Indifference – Orchestra,  electronics, projection

What Is This Thing Called Love – Duo with pianist Bill Charlap

Symmetrical Soundscapes (Endo) – Duo with Taiko master Kenny Endo

In A Sentimental Mood – Quartet with Fernando Martinez, Arturo Puertas, Marcelo Mayor

NardisQuartet with Vic Juris, Clarence Penn, Andy McKee

Manhã de Carnaval – Duo with guitarist Euclides  Marques

Los Zapatos Grises (Piltzecker) – Piano and Bandoneón, Ricardo Florio and Ted Piltzecker

Song To Remember By  – (Piltzecker, 9/11) Duo with marimbist  Sayun Chen

Concert Invitation (Spanish)